This is the humanitarian intervention axe of BONET that targets different vulnerable persons including orphans, street children, IDPs, refugees, GBV survivors, women and girls in distress, minority groups, etc. especially during emergency or crisis periods. Among the many humanitarian interventions, BONET has since 2011 realized uncountable number of ‘’Communal Visits’’ to orphanages across Cameroon, outreach visits and donations with basic needs to IDPs, support vulnerable children especially pupils and their teachers across rural communities, just to cite these few.       

          While we are conscious that it is better to teach an individual how to catch fish than to always provide them fish at given intervals, we strongly believe that some basic needs including food, shelter, water, sanitary pads, detergents, didactic materials are not only fundamental human rights but are prerequisites to other more sustainable interventions we promote including entrepreneurship trainings and interest free loans to vulnerable persons especially women and girls, GBV cases management (referral services, psychosocial support, etc.), sensitization, advocacy, career development programmes, mentorship, among others which often yield concrete fruits mainly in the long run. Hence, we often strive to blend our humanitarian interventions with other short, medium and long term services/support depending on the target beneficiaries.


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