activities and programs

Voluntarism and incentive youth involvement at local,national, regional and international levels.  Foster innovation and cultivate successful entrepreneurs

BONET'S Core Activities

BONET’s core activities are structured to
encourage youth involvement in areas
such as Sexual Reproductive Health and
Rights (SRHR); Community Education;
Empowerment, Participation and
Development; and Good Governance and
Human Rights.

What we do

 Stimulate youth interest and involvement in developing BONET’s SRHR programs to
correlate with their reproductive and health needs

 Supply information pertaining to youth rights and emphasize their inherent responsibilities

Community Education,Empowerment/Entrepreneurship (CEEE)

Encourage youth to make material contributions to their communities and 


This is the humanitarian intervention axe of BONET that targets different vulnerable persons including orphans, street children, IDPs, etc


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