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      Big Steps Outreach Network  (BONETwas founded in 2010 as a youth led association for young people and has worked relentlessly to fight  marginalization, inequality, HIV/AIDS and other social ills especially parenting to young people with disabilities, orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC’s), socially excluded(Juvenile Delinquents) and those living with HIV/AIDS and other young people especially out of school and Out of work youths.


PROJECT 50-50-50.

Supporting 50 women,  50 businesses, With 50,000frs.

What we do.


Our SRHR program aims to:
A. Stimulate youth interest and
involvement in developing
BONET’s SRHR programs to
correlate with their reproductive
and health needs


Our CEEPD program aims to;   

.A. Encourage youth to make material contributions to their communities  ….


Our Good Governance and Human Rights programs endeavor to:
A. Supply information
pertaining to youth rights …….

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February 12, 2021 Big Steps Outreach Network (BONET) in partnership …

For the past years, Cameroon has been faced with a couple of social, political, and security crises

Peace connotes a state of security, order, and tranquility within a given setting.

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